We Welcome Jocelyn Nicole Nickle

Image As someone who is deeply involved with the TIME movement I have been asked to write an article as to my personal take on living and surviving as a proud Transgender Woman. For the sake of discussion I will couch this article from the perspective of a Trans woman. By no means do I dissociate myself from my awesome Trans Brothers, my words are from my perspective of a Trans Woman and in no way negate the lives of my brothers. Something I feel deeply about is assimilation into society, I have always wanted to just be a human being and accepted for the woman that I am. I have been considered as someone that is a success story of a successful transition. I may do some other things but I do not tout them as far as transitioning. On that note it confuses me how some in our community seem to base our transition on whether or not you have had Facial Feminization Surgery. Some in our community seem to think that is a requirement to be trans. I'm sorry dear, my face is fine. This will be be a short article since I am so pressed for time, I am busy living my life. That life as we all know is very busy. As we all know being a normal human is time consuming, be it work, answering text messages or raising our children and or luving our spouses it is a 24/7 endeavour.

Image My opinions are solely my own blah blah blah. We live in a binary world. It is either M or F there is no in between as far as society see's us. What is the first thing you notice about a person that you meet? Race, gender, economic status ie personal appearance? My point being is that we see people for who they are. The world sees us as who they perceive us to be. My goal is short and sweet it is that we can assimilate into society and live fruitful lives. We have wonderful role models now. Mine is a woman who, while not nationally known, is still an amazing woman. Our role models do not need blogs or radio shows. We are human beings and have assimilated into society as such. If anyone tries to screw with one of us I shall be there.

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